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September 6, 2008

Review: Servant: The Acceptance by L.L. Foster

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The Acceptance by L.L. Foster

If I had ever tried to imagine the kind of book Lori Foster would write if she turned to the ‘dark side’, never in my wildest imagination would I have come up something like her ‘Servant’ series. And now that I’ve read the second book, “Servant: The Acceptance”, I’m struck by several similarities to Foster’s more normal romance novels. But, before I start that, let me say that her ‘Servant’ series is dark, very dark. If you’re looking for sexy, frothy romance—go buy some of her work under Lori Foster. L.L. Foster, on the other hand, can write some seriously good and gritty urban fantasy and the ‘Servant’ series is addictive.

Gaby is a Paladin, a servant of God. She can sense, feel, and see evil differently than anybody she’s ever met. No matter what face evil wears, she sees it as it truly is…and destroys it. When she is ‘called’, she feels excruciating pain until she answers the call; and when she does answer, she is infused with the extra strength, stamina, and skills she needs to defeat the evil. She’s always been alone, but now Detective Cross is dogging her every move and asking too many questions for comfort. How could a fighter for justice like him condone what she sometimes is called to do? But it seems that no matter what Gaby tries, she can’t forget about him and he’s not going away.

Detective Luther Cross has never met a woman as frustrating as Gaby. The more he learns about her abilities, the more fascinated he becomes. And the more time they spend together, the more trouble he has forgetting about her sexual innocence when faced with her honest curiosity. Once again Gaby is mixed up in one of his cases. Someone is torturing, mutilating, and killing prostitutes; and Gaby, who has appointed herself as the ‘girls’ protector, always seems to know that little bit too much for comfort. How far can Luther stretch his beliefs?

Now, since Lori Foster writes sexy romances with HEAs, and the book I just described is clearly no romance and probably doesn’t have a HEA… Why do I say there are similarities? It’s like this: Foster’s writing (in either guise) is closer to reality than most other authors. Her romances usually involve regular people in situations that mimic real life and the obstacles they face are those that we regular folk deal with every day. In this series, I think that’s one of the things I find so fascinating. If someone was born with the ability to sense evil, and would feel pain when in proximity to evil, then what would that person’s life be like? Can you imagine being a small child, unable to explain what was wrong, when you were ‘scared of’ certain people and began screaming? Or suffered pain without knowing why and trying to explain that to a doctor? How long do you think it would take for you to be labeled a ‘troubled’ or ‘imaginative’ or ‘insane’ child? What would life have been like as a teenager? How would you make a living? How in the heck could you ever try to explain to anyone? How would this affect your relationships, or even your ability to have a relationship? If you want the answers to these questions, go get the first two books of this series. That is what draws me in so deeply to this series. The first book, “The Awakening,” just set the stage and introduced the main characters. Now with “The Acceptance,” Foster gives us the chance to go deeper and further into her world. I’m enjoying the trip so very, very much!

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