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September 7, 2008

Review: Jinx by Jennifer Estep

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Jinx by Jennifer Estep

If you’ve been reading my reviews (oh, come on) then you know I enjoy humor mixed in with my romance. I’ve been trying to decide what separates funny humor from…well, not so funny. I’ve certainly read and enjoyed some over-the-top humor like MaryJanice Davidson’s ‘Queen Betsy’ series or the ‘Fairy Tales’ series by Minda Weber. Then there’s books with sarcastic humor like Kimberly Raye’s ‘Dead End Dating’ series, I found that amusing too. So I’m still trying to figure out just what it was about “Jinx” by Jennifer Estep that rubbed me the wrong way.

Bella hates superheroes and ubervillians. It doesn’t help that she’s often surrounded by them since her brother married one of the Fearless Five and Bella discovered their identities while rescuing him with them. It also doesn’t help that she even has a ‘power’ of her own…luck. She prefers to call it jinx since she can’t control it and it never seems to do what she wants, when she wants. What kind of ‘power’ is that? So when Bella gets mixed up in the robbery of a fabulous gem and is saved by ‘Debonair’, a super-suave, super thief with teleportation powers, she doesn’t care that he’s the most perfect, handsome, sexy man she’s ever laid eyes on… Really! I mean, she’s not into the whole leather thing… Honest! And it doesn’t mean a thing that he can kiss her into stupidity… Truly!

Debonair, well…isn’t. Not really. Not in his normal life. He’s actually quite geeky with the ladies—until he puts on his disguise and then he’s got quite the reputation. But he’s been in love with Bella for months now, and she just doesn’t seem to notice him unless he’s Debonair. But once Bella figures out his secret identity, she refuses to become involved with anybody with ‘powers’. So where does that leave our hero?

Ok… Bella is a selfish, whiny twit. Not too bright either since the clues to the heroes’ and villains’ identities were laid out in neon signs throughout the story. She’s also rather judgmental; I mean she has powers and yet she’s prejudiced against others with powers… Okay! Not only that, but her family has a history of fighting crime as human heroes. Yes, her father died while being a hero. So do cops, firefighters, and soldiers…every day. She’s supposed to be an adult!

I think the answer to my humor question from above is that I don’t like ‘dumb’ humor.  I would not categorize this as a paranormal romance.  I honestly felt like I was reading a comic book (excuse me, graphic novel), just with sex added. I can easily see this series as a graphic novel; and I think if I had read it as such I might have enjoyed it more. Or maybe I’m just too old to ‘get it’. For whatever reason “Jinx” by Jennifer Estep just hit all the wrong notes for me. But if it sounds like something you think you would enjoy, go for it.

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Reviewed by Julie


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