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September 7, 2008

Review: Tempted by the Night by Elizabeth Boyle

Tempted by the Night by Elizabeth Boyle

If you had a magic ring and could make one wish, what would it be? Now imagine you are a typical regency miss secretly in love with a dashing rogue of a Lord and you get the wish…what now? Well, that’s pretty much the plot of “Tempted By The Night” by Elizabeth Boyle. This is her second book in the ‘Marlow’ series about a family who comes into possession of a magic ring that grants the holder one wish…then forces events to cause the wish to come to fruition. An interesting twist on a ‘genie-type’ theme.

Elizabeth Boyle’s writing is witty and fresh, as is her norm. Her characters have full personalities and quirks that you just don’t normally see in a historical romance, much less a regency! I’m pretty sure she’s the first regency author to use a transvestite ‘madam’; at least that I’ve ever read! There’s plenty of humor to keep you smiling, but not enough to turn the story into a satire. Her secondary characters are fully integrated into the plot and you’ll find yourself hoping they get their own book just to read more about them!

When Hermione (our heroine) and Rockhurst (our hero) are together, you can almost see the sparks jumping off the page. I enjoy the fact that both of them aren’t too good or too bad. That means they’re closer to human than myth for me. In this story, the bad guys, however, are really, really bad. They’re denizens of hell. Truly! And only our hero and heroine, working in concert, can prevent their entry in our world.

I enjoyed “Tempted By The Night” by Elizabeth Boyle. This light-hearted story is a strange mix of historical, regency, paranormal, mystery, and romance and somehow the author makes it work. I couldn’t find any information on her next book about the Marlow family, but if you pay a visit to her web site I’m sure there should be some information on it soon. Check out www.elizabethboyle.com for further details.

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Reviewed by Julie


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