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September 19, 2008

Review: Heart Fate by Robin D. Owens

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Heart Fate by Robin D. Owens

Confession time. I began reading Robin D. Owens‘ ‘Heart’ series back in 2001 when it was found in the science fiction/fantasy aisle only. I read the back cover blurb, thought it sounded interesting and picked it up. I was hooked. The books were much the same as they are now, maybe with a bit less emphasis on the romance part, but still very satisfying. When I saw Owens’ name and the same book in the romance section back in 2006, I was a bit surprised, but once I thought about the plot and the upsurge in paranormal romances, it all made perfect sense. I’m actually glad that her publishers gave romance readers a chance to enjoy her work!

Celta is a faraway planet populated by descendants of space travelers. Paranormal ‘gifts’ are called Flair here and vary by families in type and strength. A caste system based on those strengths has come about over the centuries and many of the ‘great’ families have been built by selecting mates based on Flair and strength almost like breeding programs. You could say that the planet, or God, or ‘fate’ has fought back by a phenomenon called the HeartMate. I don’t want to give too much away, but that should be enough to whet your curiosity if this is the type of writing that interests you!

Lahsin is a girl who has been betrayed by those who should have protected her. Her strong Flair and greedy parents resulted in her being pretty much ‘sold’ at the tender age of 14 to a powerful First family as a broodmare. The head of that family is a cruel and sadistic megalomaniac who uses his powerful status and Flair to torture and degrade Lahsin while trying to impregnate her with his future heir. Lahsin manages to discover a possible ‘out’. If she can escape and survive her 2nd Flair Passage, then she can repudiate her marriage and be free. Her escape is aided by a stranger who tells her of a mysterious haven in the heart of the city whose ‘shields’ only accept desperate souls. Lahsin finds her way there to recover and her story really begins.

Tinne is an honorable man who accepted the loss of his HeartMate by marrying a woman he physically desired. Unfortunately that marriage was unable to withstand the strain of losing a child and he has now become the first First family divorced male in 80 years. He’s both famous and infamous. When he discovers his HeartMate is missing and about to enter her 2nd Flair passage, he decides to find and befriend her. Just friends…he can’t risk more than that.

This seemed more a ‘coming of age’ novel. She’s 17, he’s 23. Children really, in our society; but full adults in their own which is something to keep in mind while reading their story. They each have serious failings and feelings to work through and they each have to grow up a bit, understand and accept their losses, and then find the courage to go on with life. Lessons many ‘adults’ in our society have difficulty with too!

At one time Robin D. Owens wrote more for the young adult audience and sometimes that tone still exists in her writing. However, the inclusion of sexual feelings and some fairly spicy sex scenes put this story definitively into the romance genre. “Heart Fate” is a story for those who enjoy a lighter, less dangerous plot mixed with relationship problem resolution, character growth, and a bit of heated fantasy. I’ve read each of the ‘Heart’ novels and will be waiting for the next release in this strangely addictive series.

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Reviewed by Julie


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