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September 19, 2008

Review: Hotter Than Hell by Kim Harrison, Keri Arthur, L.A. Banks, Susan Krinard, Marjorie M. Liu, and others

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Hotter Than Hell by Kim Harrison, Keri Arthur, L.A. Banks, Susan Krinard, Marjorie M. Liu, and others

I don’t usually read anthologies very often. I have nothing against them, however I just don’t seem to pick them up. I know now that Kim Harrison, Keri Arthur, Marjorie M. Liu and many others have changed my mind after reading “Hotter Than Hell.” I’m just going to talk about a few of the stories because there are many and they are all really good. Here are a few of my favorites from this anthology…

Music Hath Charms by Tanya Huff is about a woman named Ali that works as a recruiter for a music label. When she hears great things about two brothers that sing in a band called NoMan she decides they are worth checking out, even if they are playing the county fair circuit. When Ali sees them, she is blown away! Their music is so erotic and sexy, before long, the entire audience is completely enthralled… writhing around being overtly sexual. She can’t figure it out, because she is affected too. She knows she has to be the one to sign them. However her ex, and competing music executive Tom also wants to sign the band, however, does NoMan want to be signed? In fact, no one can really find out anything about them. Are the brothers who they really say they are, or are they something more? Something magic?

Demon Lover by Cheyenne McCray is about a woman who has sexy dreams. The same dreams about a sexy man who brings her night after night right to the edge of the most amazing climax she thinks she might ever have… if only he wouldn’t disappear. Ericka studies mythology and writes books about Incubae and Succubae for a living. So she starts thinking that maybe this visitor isn’t only in her dreams. Aedan is a water Incubus and in order to stay alive, he needs to steal souls from people by tricking them into giving them up to him, so he withholds Ericka’s climax in the hope she will give him her soul… however Aedan didn’t expect to fall for Ericka, so when he finally gives in to her pleasure and gives her what she wants, he is banished forever… or is he? Can Ericka save the man she has come to love in her dreams, or will he be banished to live a lifetime of torment for fulfilling her desires?

Life Is The Teacher by Carrie Vaughn tells the story of a newly turned vampire named Emma learning how to find blood and feed for herself. A rogue vampire turned her, but her mentor Alette took her under her wing and helped her come to grips with her new life. Now Emma is ready to venture out on her own and claim her new existence. She decides to go back to the college bar she used to frequent when she was still in school, where she runs into Chris. He is attracted to her, and she can tell right away, however she is nervous and before anything can happen she flees! The next night she calls Chris and puts as much compulsion in her voice as she can to get him to see her again and he agrees. She shows up at his apartment on the pretense of sex, however she needs something else entirely. Will she be able to embrace her new life and her new craving, or will she have to run back home to Alette for help?

“Hotter Than Hell” was a really fun book to read, and most of the stories are slightly spicier than most romance novels. Not quite erotic, but slightly more than romance. I also really enjoyed stories by Heidi Betts, Lillith Saintcrow and Linda Winstead Jones. I highly recommend picking up this book for a highly romantic, supernatural, entertaining read.



Reviewed by Heather


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