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September 19, 2008

Review: Overheated by Barbara Dunlop

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Overheated by Barbara Dunlop

When Harlequin first came out with their NASCAR series, I wondered how long it would last. Well, it’s been going strong for two years now and doesn’t appear to be losing any gas (pun intended). According to NASCAR statistics, about 30 million of their fans are women! So I’m guessing this venture is proving profitable for both parties and I must admit that I’ve enjoyed the NASCAR stories I’ve read so far. My latest from this series is “Overheated” by Barbara Dunlop.

Crystal’s a NASCAR fan by proximity mostly. Although her parents and their company do machining for the different crews, she’s just an underpaid and overworked truck driver and delivery person. She’s had to fight the prejudices that come with her model-looks all her life, so when a stranger tries to ‘help’ her lift her latest delivery to the pits, she’s not exactly welcoming. She’s secretly amused, but outwardly aloof. Turns out he’s part of a well-known racing family, but not involved in racing himself. In fact, he looks like a businessman, but is actually a rocket scientist mathematician. Who knew geek could look so good?

As for Larry, he’s suddenly realizing that his genius IQ doesn’t seem to be able to force his brain to process correctly when Crystal’s around. The more time they spend together, the more he’s attracted to her…and vice versa. But he’s 22 years older than she is. Heck, his son is older than she is! But when the solution is love, what do numbers have to do with the equation?

There are a lot of issues packed into this 250ish page novel–abandoned pets, age differences, single parenthood, financial burdens, death of a spouse, current space theory, and public/family opinions. While the author doesn’t preach on any of them, she does provide some interesting viewpoints that might make you ponder the subject a bit. I enjoyed the fact that the focus of the novel wasn’t placed on a driver or mechanic or owner. Seems like most of the NASCAR series novels I’ve read featured one of those and I found it refreshing that this one did not. Her characters dealt with their issues in a relatively realistic manner, even if their incredibly good luck is something I’d love to have! The love scenes were very tame and I wouldn’t have any problems letting a teen read this one but the tension was still there.

In all, I enjoyed reading “Overheated.” My only complaint would be the almost ‘too’ neat solutions to most of the couple’s problems. I saw it coming very early on and wasn’t particularly surprised by the ending. But if you’re a fan of a softer, sweeter romance with a hint of speed, then this latest story by Barbara Dunlop should grease your wheels! Enjoy.

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