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September 20, 2008

Review: The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

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The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the main character in a book just doesn’t do it for me.  Coming up with believable characters is one of the more difficult parts of writing.  So while I loved the plot of “The Bride of Casa Dracula” by Marta Acosta, I especially loved to see the character of Milagro De Los Santos. She just has that “spark” of life that so many characters seem to lack. Milagro is a writer with a wickedly funny sense of humor.  She’s engaged to Oswald (Oz) Grant, a handsome plastic surgeon who happens to have a genetic disorder that causes him to crave blood and avoid sunlight.  Unfortunately, the Vampire Council is not too pleased with Milagro and Oz’s engagement, and impose all sorts of stringent rules for Milagro to follow before they get married.  It’s clear that planning a wedding – supernatural or not – is stressful for anyone!

Things keep going wrong with Milagro’s life and her wedding plans.  Her ring goes missing. Her hotel and dinner reservations are canceled. Her dress is found in the mud.  Rats chew through the wiring in her car.  Oz is worried that the stress of the wedding is getting to Milagro, and that she’s self-sabotaging the wedding plans without remembering the details.  And Ian, a vampire that Milagro has some previous history with, keeps showing up in unexpected places.

This book is the third in Acosta’s series, and I really wished I had read the other two first.  Not because I couldn’t follow the story, but because I desperately wanted to know all the gory and juicy details about what happened previously.  Milagro and Ian had some sort of past interaction that involved sharing blood, and the tension between them in this book is delicious.  But at the same time, Oz is the one who turned Milagro into a vampire, and he seems like a genuinely good guy who cares deeply about Milagro.

Besides Milagro, this book is chock-full of lively (no pun intended) supporting characters.  Besides Milagro’s human friends, there are several vampires and other members of paranormal species that make memorable appearances.  My favorite was a crazy self-proclaimed shape shifter who hires Milagro to ghost-write his memoirs.

Overall, this book was hilarious, and I had a great time reading it.  “The Bride of Casa Dracula” by Marta Acosta did have an ending that somewhat surprised me, but it was still heartwarming and made me say “Awww”.  I was sad to see the book end, and I can’t wait to find out what happens for the next section of Milagro’s life.


Reviewed by Kristina


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