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September 21, 2008

Review: The Wild Sight by Loucinda McGary

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The Wild Sight by Loucinda McGary

I’m always on the lookout for new authors to enjoy. So having the opportunity to review a book from an author new to me is a great way to spend a Sunday. I opened “The Wild Sight” by Loucinda McGary with anticipation and proceeded to travel to Ireland into a mystery and became caught up in a love story.

Donovan never wanted to return to Ireland. His ‘gift’ of the sight always seemed like more of a curse to him and after he fled to American, it never bothered him there. But with his father in such poor health, he has no choice but to return and handle the business details, and he has an eerie feeling that this visit will change his life. When he meets a beautiful woman who claims to be his half-sister, he’s sure she’s wrong. She has to be wrong because he’s never felt an attraction like this.

Rylie isn’t in Ireland to sightsee. She’s here looking for the father she can’t remember, the one that left when she was still a toddler. The detective she hired in America gave her the location of the man listed on her birth certificate. When she arrives, he’s in the hospital but she does meet his son, possibly her step-brother. The attraction between Rylie and Donovan is instant and hot…but is it forbidden? And what’s with Donovan’s ‘spells’? They only seem to occur when he’s near the archaeological dig by the fens of his old home. Then these two become caught up in an old mystery with new victims and Donovan must use his ‘gift’ to clear his family name. But doing so will place he and Rylie into danger.

I quickly became caught up in this story. Both Rylie and Donovan became real to me and their attraction and family problems were worrisome. These two are not shallow or one-dimensional characters. They are complex and complicated. They don’t instantly fall in love. Instead, they are both battling their insecurities and flaws just like real people do. McGary’s haunting descriptions of Ireland prompted me to go check out her bio since I thought she must have spent a good bit of time there, but I was wrong. It’s just very good writing! The increasing sexual tension entwines with the increasing mystery of the story and both are wonderfully done. Her love scenes are hot, yet still tasteful enough to get a PG rating from me.

My only complaint is towards the end of the book. It felt jumbled to me, as it seemed there were so many plot threads needing resolution that I had to go back several times and reread to stay on track. The paranormal elements which had been sprinkled throughout the earlier chapters overwhelmed the last two chapters which didn’t help out my confusion at all. I actually would have liked to seen either a longer book so McGary would have the space needed to flesh out ALL the plot lines; or fewer plot lines so the ending didn’t overwhelm so much. But, again, that’s just my opinion so it’s worth exactly as much as you’re willing to pay J

I couldn’t find any information regarding forthcoming books from Loucinda McGary, but I do plan to bookmark her web site www.loucindamcgary.com to keep an eye out for her next novel, which I’d certainly like to read! “The Wild Sight” held my interest and enjoyed trying to solve the mystery before the author handed it to me. If you’re a fan of ancient Ireland, murder mysteries, paranormal talents, and romance…then this is a book you would be well advise to read. Because none of the preceding elements are overbalanced, it’s rather a difficult book to characterize. And I think that’s a GOOD thing!

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Reviewed by Julie


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