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September 24, 2008

Review: Passion and Pleasure in London by Melody Thomas

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Passion and Pleasure in London by Melody Thomas

I just love reading romances that leave me with a sappy smile on my face! “Passion and Pleasure in London” by Melody Thomas is just such a novel. It has a dastardly villain with a witchy daughter that both receive their well-deserved comeuppance at the hands of our hero and heroine who then live happily ever after. Happy sigh.

Winter carries the weight of what’s left of her family, a demented mother and younger brother, on her small shoulders. At only 16, after her father’s death, her horrid uncle weaseled her family’s fortune and home and left them destitute. When Winter tried to fight back he raped her and threatened her mother and brother if she didn’t keep her mouth shut. So Winter and the locals have embarked on an underhanded method of evening the scales. They rob the Baron’s high society guests every chance they get and use the proceeds to help out those whose families are affected by the Baron’s greed and cruelty. When Winter spots an unknown, yet handsome toff, she’s sure he must be headed to the Baron’s and decides to relieve him of his wallet. Things quickly spin out of Winter’s control but the results will be marvelous!

Rory is half Gypsy, half Lord, and all rake. He’s also been summoned to his Grandfather’s deathbed to take over his duties as the Marquess. He’s not happy. He thoroughly enjoys his life as a spy with no ties and no real responsibility other than staying alive. When he catches sight of Winter during a brief stop, his loins tingle! When he catches her trying to open his saddlebags in the stable, HE steals a kiss. It’s not until after she’s gone that he realizes SHE stole his wallet! She may walk and talk like a Lady, but no mere thief will get the better of him.

What a great pairing. These two are both strong characters who have to learn to trust and compromise. The heat practically leaps off the page and the love scenes ROCK! Thomas does a great job with the attending mystery of exactly who is trying to kill Rory. I didn’t figure it out until the author provided the solution which is unusual, especially in historical romances (at least for me). The gradual revealing of the breadth of the problems facing Winter and Rory was just right. There’s quite a bit more going on than in my brief synopsis and it all wraps together nicely. The reasoning behind the actions of all the characters rings true for me and is crucial to both the plot and their developing romance.

I’ve read a few other books by Melody Thomas but I think this is my favorite (so far). It’s got some humor, drama, mystery, action, and steam! I can’t quite think of what else I could ask for in a historical. So for a novel with fiery passion that’s truly a pleasure to read, don’t miss “Passion and Pleasure in London”.

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Reviewed by Julie


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