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September 29, 2008

Review: The Magical Christmas Cat by Lora Leigh, Nalini Singh Erin McCarthy and Linda Winstead Jones

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The Magical Christmas Cat by Lora Leigh, Nalini Singh Erin McCarthy and Linda Winstead Jones

The Magical Christmas Cat is a romantic and sometimes erotic anthology featuring a few of my favorite authors. Each story has the distinction of a little “feline” touch. We have a paranormal romance from Nalini Singh about a leopard changeling falling in love with a reluctant schoolteacher. In Erin McCarthy’s story we have a witch with a matchmaking kitty-cat. Linda Winstead Jones gives us a demonic story about a possessed cat shaped knick-knack, and last but certainly not least, Lora Leigh gives us a story from her breed series about a leopard in mating heat. Whew! Here goes…

In Stroke Of Enticement by Nalini Singh, we have the story of Annie, a human schoolteacher that teaches young changeling kids in an Elementary School in Darkriver territory. When she has a little disciplinary trouble with a student and “Uncle Zach” comes to take care of it, neither one of them has any idea how intense it might get. Zach realizes that Annie is his mate, however with Annie’s overbearing mother and loveless father, can Annie trust Zach enough to let the mating bond take over?

Christmas Bree by Erin McCarthy is about a trio of sister witches, each with their own magical ability. When Bree’s younger sister Abby tells her a man is going to come to the door to ask her out, she thinks she is crazy. Low and behold, in walks Ian who is an attorney to a wealthy man who wants to purchase Bree’s house. Bree isn’t interested in selling, however she has been dreaming of Ian for months. Ian’s been dreaming of her too, and it will take a matchmaking kitty-cat, some mistletoe and a stroke of bad luck to bring them together, but can they make it work?

In Sweet Dreams by Linda Winstead Jones, we have a bakery shop owner named Ruby who is given the gift of a small jade cat anonymously at a Christmas party, and her neighbor Zane seems awfully interested in it. However when Ruby starts having bad dreams Zane comes to her rescue, and the cat statue seems to be at the center of it all, Ruby doesn’t know whom to trust…

Christmas Heat by Lora Leigh is about a human librarian named Haley who falls for a Leopard Breed named Noble. When Haley hears something she shouldn’t and her life is in danger, Noble is sent to protect her. When Noble realizes he is in mating heat, he has to convince Haley that he’ll never leave her. Can he do that while at the same time protecting her life?

Out of all these stories Nalini Singh’s and Lora Leigh’s were my favorites. They had the most heat and excitement and great character development. Sweet Dreams by Linda Winstead Jones was my least favorite of all the stories because I just didn’t really connect with the main characters at all. Overall, I really enjoyed The Magical Christmas Cat, and if you are looking for a little bit of every kind of romance, this is the perfect book for you!


Reviewed by Heather


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