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October 7, 2008

Review: Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom

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Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom

Shoes that bill and coo, and Monty Python’s rabid bunny slippers come to life! “Hex Appeal” by Linda Wisdom is a laugh out loud paranormal romance. With zany secondary characters and a Starbucks addicted witch in love with a smoldering, sexy vampire, this series has something for everyone. In “50 Ways to Hex Your Lover”, Jazz and Nick reunited to finally defeat a returned enemy. Now in “Hex Appeal” they’ll need to trust each other more than ever before to best whatever force is trying to either break them up or kill them.

Jazz is a 700-something year old (real women never tell) witch with a wicked sweet tooth and a weakness for her vampire lover. Never willing to take the easy route, Jazz is currently working as a curse remover while waiting out her banishment from witch school. When she begins having bad dreams, she figures it’s just something she ate. When she beings having nightmares, she thinks it must be some curse or hex. But when one nightmare causes her to lose her magic…well, that’s war.

Nick still can’t believe how well he and Jazz are getting along. A vampire and a witch…who’d a thunk it? Even being unable to drink Jazz’s blood can’t damage his love for her. When Jazz begins having bad dreams, he’s worried. When he begins having bad dreams, he’s pissed. But it’s becoming all too clear that their enemy or enemies are highly placed in the supernatural community and very powerful.

Jazz is someone I’d want to hang with…while drinking wine, eating chocolate, and trashing men. She’s funny and has so many quirks, I can’t begin to list them all. She also has rubber ducks that swim in her bathtub, a hunk for a boyfriend, shoes that flirt, and shoes that can kill…literally. Now that’s my kind of woman! Nick is still a bit mysterious, but more pieces of his past come to light in this book. These two are the George and Gracie (or Jennifer and Brad for you younger ones) of the paranormal world.

Wisdom’s contemporary California is the perfect setting for Jazz’s crazy world and the wacky and weird characters who inhabit it. While there’s enough steamy romance to satisfy the paranormal romance label, this second book is more about the creatures who live in Jazz’s world…weres, vampires, witches, wizards, ghosts, elves, pixies, and creatures not yet identified. The slowing unfolding mystery reveals itself at a perfect pace, and still leaves room for more books in the series. If you’re looking for a humorous change of pace, pick up Linda Wisdom’s “Hex Appeal” and laugh yourself silly.

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Reviewed by Julie


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