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October 8, 2008

Review: Intimate Beings by Jessica Inclan

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Intimate Beings by Jessica Inclan

The concept of one perfect ‘other’ for each person is a theme that has certainly been big lately. In most of the paranormal romances which are flooding the market these days, there’s a concept of a lifemate, other, mate, the ‘one’, etc and the paranormal creatures can smell, sniff, ‘know’, recognize, dream, etc that one individual meant for them. In Jessica Inclan’s latest, “Intimate Beings”, this theme is taken to a new and interesting level with the concept of a ‘twin’. A twin is your other half, and they have the nature and powers to ‘complete’ their respective twin. Do you think the huge popularity of paranormal romance novels these days is partially due to this true romantic dream of meeting the one true love that’s meant for you? Just something to think on.

Claire is a woman lost. She’s never quite been able to fit in and she’s known since she was a lonely only child that she’s not normal. If she concentrates on a place, she can physically go there…which would be really cool if it weren’t for the fact that she can’t get back home! She must use planes, trains, or automobiles to get back home and that kind of kills the thrill, not to mention the bank account. Then one day she hears a voice, from nowhere and no one. But instead of being insane, the voice somehow assembles into a body…of a really hot guy that Claire is instantly attracted to. Of course, he’s apparently the insane one because he’s telling her that he’s her twin! That’s just weird, not to mention kind of creepy with her being so attracted to him.

Darl (short for Darling) knows that Claire is having a hard time believing what he’s telling her. But he also knows that this is right. Their relationship is everything he’s been missing his entire life. Since his fellow aliens found him and told him why he’s always been different, he’s felt the longing to find his twin, the one to complete him and make his ability to physically go home from anywhere complete. Now that he’s found Claire and convinced her to join their struggle, they will always be together…until they’re separated when the asteroid safe house is destroyed. Now both of them are searching for the other while being chased by evil aliens.

This was a very strange story. There is quite a bit of spiritualism included which struck me as rather bizarre when combined with paranormal and science fiction elements. All of them put together made it difficult for me to understand what the author intended with her writing. Was this meant for entertainment? Knowledge? Spiritual uplifting? I still don’t know and that bugs me. So call me shallow, but all that thinking turned me right off the book. I don’t know if I should call it a romance or a mystery or action or suspense or a science fiction something.  In any event, “Intimate Beings” by Jessica Inclan was just too strange for these old brain cells.

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Reviewed by Julie



  1. Hi, Julie. Well, you asked a few questions, and as I stumbled upon this review (thank you google alerts) I can try to answer them. Not that my answers will change your feelings, though!

    I feel that the paranormal and the spiritual are one in the same. Believing in reincarnation of a savior is just about along the lines of finding the source. So it all kind of works for me in the same vein.

    If, in fact, we are all connected in this universe, then the aliens and humans, and Neballats would be connected. My overall point, I guess, would be that the way araces (and thus cultures and societies and countries, for that matter) fight is ridiculous. That we are all the same thing and we treat others like, well, others.

    Yes, maybe too much for a romance, but I have often felt that keeping a deepness from genre fiction is wrong. Romance readers are intense and smart readers.

    By the end of the third novel, I think that this is clear, and I have to say from my personal standpoint, that the romance between Edan and his twin is very, very clearly romance.

    thanks for the intelligent and thoughtful read.


    Jessica Inclan

    Comment by Jessica Inclan — October 31, 2008 @ 3:56 pm

  2. Thanks for answering my questions. It always vexes me when I can’t ‘get’ where the author is coming from!!

    Comment by jjmachshev — October 31, 2008 @ 7:18 pm

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