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October 13, 2008

Review: Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye

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Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye

Listen up ladies! This is a  book out of every woman’s fantasies. A man who cooks, cleans, takes care of you (and your dog), AND has lots of money! I know what your saying “Its too good to be true” right? Nope. It’s “Romeo, Romeo” by Robin Kaye. This is a little escape into just about every woman’s dream.

Rosalie Ronaldi is a high-powered career woman. She earns good money, is independent, and thinks she’s pretty decent looking, even if her behind is just  a little big.  On her way home from work one evening, she gets a flat tire. When she’s done cursing in Italian and Spanish (she thought she should be thorough) she notices a really hot man in  a tow truck has pulled up to rescue her. Little does she know, he might just rescue her from her life too!

Nick Romeo is a self made millionaire who also happens to be Brooklyn’s most sought after bachelor. When he leaves the car dealership he owns in the tow truck so he doesn’t get his Viper dirty, he sees a gorgeous woman on the side of the road kicking a flat tire! He offers to help, and manages to coax a date from Rosalie without her ever realizing who he is.

When Nick and Rosalie begin dating, it all starts very casually, no strings attached. But when Rosalie gets pneumonia and Nick rushes her to the hospital, he realizes how much he actually cares for her. He takes care of everything for her including cooking, cleaning, organizing, and walking her dog. Now, Nick is in over his head. He is getting serious with her and she still doesn’t know who he is. Oh, and he forgot to tell her about his history with her younger brother…  Will they ever be honest with each other so they can be together, or will their stubbornness keep them apart?

When I starting reading this book, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it! Robin Kaye is a wonderful author who has a fabulous writing style that sucks you in right from the beginning. “Romeo, Romeo” is a delightfully fun and romantic read that would have you wishing for a little Romeo in your life.


Reviewed by Heather


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