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October 15, 2008

Review: Countdown by Michelle Maddox

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Countdown by Michelle Maddox

Did you go crazy for the Matrix with Keanu Reeves? Can you believe in a post-apocalyptic world of altered existence? Do reality shows thrill you? Then maybe you should sign up to be a viewer for Michelle Maddox’s new show depicted in her book “Countdown.” This story is a thrill a minute rocket ride of action and suspense with a bit of romance thrown in.

Seven years ago Kira’s family was killed as she hid under her bed. So now she’s a 22 year old orphan who’s afraid of the dark. Too bad for her since she wakes up bound, in the dark, in an unknown place, with only the sound of someone else breathing. When the lights come on, she sees her companion. He’s hot, he’s hurt, he looks dangerous, and he’s also cuffed and foot. He’s also apparently crazy since he tells her they only have a few minutes for BOTH of them to get free or they’ll BOTH be dead…oh, and he’s a convicted rapist and murderer. Unwilling to believe, yet unwilling to die either, they free each other and pass ‘round one’!? Now Kira learns he’s not crazy. They are contestants in some kind of demented reality show, they both have surgical implants in their heads, they can’t be more than 90 feet apart, and the only way to get off the ‘show’ is to win or to die.

I can’t say much about Kira’s ally without giving away too much. Suffice to say that she will have plenty reasons to trust, and then not to trust. In a world that’s turned topsy-turvy and inside-out, Kira will have to rely on her intuition and the feelings she gets when she touches people to help her figure out not who the good guy is, but if there’s a good guy at all!

I’m not normally a fan of this type of action book. But this one kept my interest and kept me reading, even though occasionally it got a little ‘too’ weird or there were a few ‘too’ many convenient coincidences. But I reckon that could just be part of the twists and turns in this story. Since I’d never read anything by this author, I did a little checking and found out that Michelle Maddox is another pen name for Michelle Rowan who writes a series of comedic paranormal romances I sometimes enjoy. Makes sense, as I enjoyed this book in spite of myself! So if wild conspiracies, ‘the day after’s, non-stop action, and a reality show with a bit ‘too’ much reality sound good, I think you’ll enjoy “Countdown” too.

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Reviewed by Julie


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