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October 30, 2008

Review: The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

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The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

I had my 30th birthday a few months ago, and sometimes it seems amazing that I survived it.  After all, it seems that 30th birthdays in books are always distressing for some reason or another.  Usually it’s some sort of emotional trauma, but in “The Accidental Demon Slayer” by Angie Fox it’s a whole level of traumatic.

Preschool teacher Lizzie Brown’s plans to celebrate with a night out on the town are quickly interrupted when her previously-unknown biological grandmother and a demon show up within minutes of each other at her apartment.  At the exact moment she turns 30, she becomes the “Exalted Demon Slayer of Dalea” and becomes a target of demon assassins.  Her grandmother, who also happens to be a hardcore motorcycle enthusiast, whisks her away to a coven of fellow biker-witches to learn about magic and her powers.

While Lizzie is trying to get a handle on her new life, she meets Dimitri Kallinikos.  Dimitri is a hot guy who can shape shift into a griffin.  This can come in handy, especially since he has appointed himself as Lizzie’s “protector”.  Things get complicated when Lizzie’s Grandma is consequently kidnapped, and when Dimitri’s motivation to be Lizzie’s Protector is called into question.  Although she’s barely a few days into her demon-hunting career, Lizzie must face a demon in hell in order to save her Grandma and to help out Dimitri.

I wanted to like this book.  I truly did.  The writing style is fresh and fast, and it had an interesting premise.  But I couldn’t get past the fact that nothing I read seemed to ever be explained – either to Lizzie or to the reader.  I originally wasn’t too upset by the confusion, realizing that it would take time for Lizzie to learn about this new world.  But in the matter of pages she seems to go from incompetence to complete control.  An example of this is the treatment of spells as physical items that can be created and stored in Mason jars.  Lizzie goes from knowing nothing about these spells to being able to immediately identify the specific spells and their effects on sight, and I’m not exactly sure where she gained that knowledge.  And, while we learn that demon slaying is a trait that runs in the family, we never really learn why, or what Lizzie is supposed to do with all her power.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the more I read, the more disappointed I was.  I constantly felt like Lizzie suddenly was an unexplained expert in things she knew nothing about.  However, “The Accidental Demon Slayer” is Angie Fox’s first book, and I think she shows great promise as a writer.  Like anything else, writing takes practice, and I’m hoping that she’ll have hit a better grove when the next book in the series, “The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers” comes out next spring.


Reviewed by Kristina


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