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March 8, 2008

Thoughts: What is a book review?

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That’s the question I pose here as I begin in this venture to bring my thoughts on today’s romance novels to blog readers around the world. What do you look for in a book review? Is it the knowledge that someone else has read the book you wish to read and has enjoyed it, or not, and therefore it validates your interest in picking it up and trying it out yourself? I know for me, this is how I first used book reviews when I started reading romance novels over ten years ago.

For me, the value in a book review came when the review gave vindication to the book which then allowed me to shell out the five or six dollars it would cost to buy it (and this is before I discovered the great think called The Used Bookstore). If I read a review that completely tarnished the work, then I didn’t feel at all justified in shelling out the money for that novel. They had hated and therefore I probably would too. But as I began to read more and more novels and started to form my own opinions on what was good and what was not, I learned that those choices could only be made if I had read the book in the first place. Never having picked up a certain novel because Reviewer #35 told me it was a piece a trash, I found that I was missing out on the opportunity to form my own opinions on the work.

It got to a point where I almost dreaded reading reviews, especially if I could see that they would not be kind, because then a book I had wanted to enjoy was already placed in the column of one that I wouldn’t.

I think book reviews do potential readers good service when they can give a general plot outline of the novel, characters and story without giving away too many of the good bits, while including a light opinion of the book, the things they liked or may not have liked. Book reviews should never tell potential readers not to try the book themselves because we are all different and we all enjoy different things. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, is the saying.

I hope this site will serve as place where valid discussions of novels can take place as we keep open the thought that what I may enjoy in a novel isn’t necessarily going to “do it” for someone else.

My goal is to post at least three reviews each week while spotlighting an author I enjoy every month. I hope readers of romance novels around the world will join me in this new journey  as I try to open some closed eyes to the books that have come to mean a lot to me over the years.

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