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October 12, 2008

Review: Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh

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Mercury's War by Lora Leigh

The drama! The suspense! The action! The romance! Oh boy, the romance! “Mercury’s War” by Lora Leigh had me straining my eyes to finish the story as quickly as I could. This is the 16th book in Lora Leigh’s “Breed Series” and in my humble opinion, her books are only getting better with time.



July 14, 2008

Review: Reckless by Saskia Walker

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Reckless by Saskia Walker

Erotic romances are one of my favorite genres to read. When you add some really good suspense, well-written characters and some hot romance it just doesn’t get much better than that. In Reckless, Saskia Walker delivered everything I love in a good erotic romance and more. I literally sat down and read this book in one sitting. Ms. Walker knows how to please a reader with her strong, sexy heroes and her fast-paced storylines.


Review: Hard to Get by Alyssa Brooks

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Hard to Get by Alyssa Brooks

What would you do if you were in the middle of your sister’s bachelorette party and the stripper you hired for the main entertainment ended up being your ex-boyfriend dressed in chaps and nothing else? The novel Hard to Get by Alyssa Brooks starts out with this premise and it immediately grabbed my attention and never let go.


June 12, 2008

Review: Show and Tell by Jasmine Haynes

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Show and Tell by Jasmine Haynes

When I read a novel written by Jasmine Haynes, I have learned to expect three things. First, her novels are very well written and fast paced. I literally devour every word and come up for more! Second, I know that the main characters will experience multiple emotions. They will cry, be happy, fall in love and grow comfortable with themselves. Third, there is always scorching chemistry between the hero and heroine that just intensifies as their relationship develops and they eventually fall in love. In her latest novel Show and Tell, she delivers all of those things and more!


Review: Hot Nights, Dark Desires by Eden Bradley, Sydney Croft, and Stephanie Tyler

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Hot Nights, Dark Desires by Eden Bradley, Sydney Croft, and Stephanie Tyler

In the Art of Desire by Eden Bradley

When Sophie’s friend asks her to accompany her to the local tattoo parlor to have some ink done, Sophie is very reluctant to do so. Being tattooed is Sophie’s secret fantasy . To Sophie, there is something very sensual about getting a tattoo but guilt from her parents and her religious beliefs have kept her from fulfilling one of her deepest desires. Reluctantly, Sophie accompanies her friend to get her tattoo, only to be blind-sided by the most desirable man she has ever encountered. (more…)

May 15, 2008

Review: Nights in Black Leather by Noelle Mack

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Nights in Black Leather by Noelle Mack

When I started Nights in Black Leather by Noelle Mack, I noticed that my house was pretty cool inside. So, I bundled up in my favorite quilt and started to read. As I continued to get into the story the house became quite warm, so kicked off the quilt and turned down the air conditioner. When my husband came home, he immediately started complaining about how freezing the house was. I never noticed. That, to me, means I have just read a very HOT book! A steamy relationship, some suspense and a smart hero and heroine in my opinion is the definition of a good read. Nights in Black Leather is the total package.


May 12, 2008

Review: The Fortune Hunter by Jasmine Haynes

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The Fortune Hunter by Jasmine Haynes

I have a confession to make. I have never read any books by Jasmine Haynes before. So, I honestly did not know what to expect when I picked up The Fortune Hunter. I was hoping that I would like the book, write my review and go on my merry way. Well, I didn’t just like this book, I LOVED it. I literally read it in one sitting. I shushed people away, I turned off the television, and begrudgingly answered the phone (if I had too) when it rang. We ordered out for dinner because I refused to cook…my mission was to finish this book! I had to find out if Connor and Faith’s relationship would crumble or stand stronger than ever. I am SO glad I was alienated from my family for a few hours while I was reading this novel because I loved the ending! It was such a satisfying read, I truly hated it to end!


April 22, 2008

Review: XXX Marks the Spot by Kathleen Lawless

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XXX Marks the Spot by Kathleen Lawless

Sometimes I want an easy read. I am not always interested in reading intense storylines with complex characters. There are times I like to just kick my shoes off, pick up a book, and relax without having to put a lot of thought into it. In “XXX Marks the Spot,” Kathleen Lawless delivers a smoothly written novel that would be a great day at the beach read.

Kennedy James is ready for her friends to lighten up. A beautiful, successful woman, she knows what she wants and when she wants it…especially from men. Justine wants a baby. Coming out of a relationship where this was an issue, she is determined that the next man she is involved with will want children too. Lisa is a divorced woman who has some low self-esteem issues. She is not that experienced in talking to or attracting men. Kennedy is hoping that some of her love-them-and-leave-them attitude about men will wear off onto her two best friends. So, she invites them to her house for a week to escape the reality of their lives then challenges them to a Sexcapades Scavenger Hunt. (more…)

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