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October 30, 2008

Review: The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

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The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

I had my 30th birthday a few months ago, and sometimes it seems amazing that I survived it.  After all, it seems that 30th birthdays in books are always distressing for some reason or another.  Usually it’s some sort of emotional trauma, but in “The Accidental Demon Slayer” by Angie Fox it’s a whole level of traumatic.



October 10, 2008

Review: Dark Curse by Christine Feehan

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Dark Curse by Christine Feehan

Full confession time:  I have always been a big fan of Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series, so when I saw there was a chance to review “Dark Curse”, I shamelessly begged for the opportunity to read it.  I even squealed when I got it in the mail.  So why, after all that, did I then let the book sit neglected almost a month?  The simple answer is that with all the stuff going on in my life (work, school, family obligations, etc.), I wanted to be able to have some dedicated time to relax and savor the book.  To make a long story short, I had some pretty high expectations before I opened the first page.  And despite those lofty expectations, this book delivered on every single one of them. The story is a great installment in the Carpathian saga, and like all the Carpathian books, features an extra-hot, extra-alpha hero with a feisty and independent heroine.  With a combination like that, sparks are going to fly!


September 20, 2008

Review: The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

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The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the main character in a book just doesn’t do it for me.  Coming up with believable characters is one of the more difficult parts of writing.  So while I loved the plot of “The Bride of Casa Dracula” by Marta Acosta, I especially loved to see the character of Milagro De Los Santos. She just has that “spark” of life that so many characters seem to lack. Milagro is a writer with a wickedly funny sense of humor.  She’s engaged to Oswald (Oz) Grant, a handsome plastic surgeon who happens to have a genetic disorder that causes him to crave blood and avoid sunlight.  Unfortunately, the Vampire Council is not too pleased with Milagro and Oz’s engagement, and impose all sorts of stringent rules for Milagro to follow before they get married.  It’s clear that planning a wedding – supernatural or not – is stressful for anyone!


September 19, 2008

Review: Before I Wake by Kathryn Smith

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Before I Wake by Kathryn Smith

I love paranormal romance, but after a while it seems like I’ve read every variation on the theme (vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.).  So I was intrigued to get a copy of “Before I Wake” by Kathryn Smith, which is unlike any paranormal romance I’ve read before.  Have you ever wondered why we dream, and what really happens when you fall asleep?  And have you ever thought about how vulnerable you are while dreaming?


September 14, 2008

Review: If Wishing Made it So by Lucy Finn

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If Wishing Made It So by Lucy Finn

I took “If Wishing Made It So” by Lucy Finn with me on a recent trip, and it was the perfect book for that weekend getaway.  I tend to think of books like this as the literary equivalent of buttered popcorn – nothing too substantial, but you can get a lot of enjoyment out of it!


September 7, 2008

Review: Tempted by the Night by Elizabeth Boyle

Tempted by the Night by Elizabeth Boyle

If you had a magic ring and could make one wish, what would it be? Now imagine you are a typical regency miss secretly in love with a dashing rogue of a Lord and you get the wish…what now? Well, that’s pretty much the plot of “Tempted By The Night” by Elizabeth Boyle. This is her second book in the ‘Marlow’ series about a family who comes into possession of a magic ring that grants the holder one wish…then forces events to cause the wish to come to fruition. An interesting twist on a ‘genie-type’ theme.


Review: Jinx by Jennifer Estep

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Jinx by Jennifer Estep

If you’ve been reading my reviews (oh, come on) then you know I enjoy humor mixed in with my romance. I’ve been trying to decide what separates funny humor from…well, not so funny. I’ve certainly read and enjoyed some over-the-top humor like MaryJanice Davidson’s ‘Queen Betsy’ series or the ‘Fairy Tales’ series by Minda Weber. Then there’s books with sarcastic humor like Kimberly Raye’s ‘Dead End Dating’ series, I found that amusing too. So I’m still trying to figure out just what it was about “Jinx” by Jennifer Estep that rubbed me the wrong way.


September 6, 2008

Review: Immortals: The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley

The Redeeming by Jennifer Ashley

In 2007, there was a four book series called “Immortals” written by three popular authors, Jennifer Ashley, Robin Popp, and Joy Nash. The series was about five brothers, children of a mortal father and different goddesses. Their destiny was to preserve the balance between life magic and death magic, but as the years passed humankind forgot about them and they each went their separate ways. I enjoyed reading the series, but was always bothered that the last brother, Tain, didn’t really get a happy ending. He got rescued from the ancient demon torturing him, but he didn’t get a woman for himself like his brothers. I don’t know who and I don’t know why, but I do know that I’m glad to see the series picked up again. “Immortals: The Redeeming” by Jennifer Ashley is the first book of the series continuation and finally, Tain gets his happy ever after.


Review: Servant: The Acceptance by L.L. Foster

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The Acceptance by L.L. Foster

If I had ever tried to imagine the kind of book Lori Foster would write if she turned to the ‘dark side’, never in my wildest imagination would I have come up something like her ‘Servant’ series. And now that I’ve read the second book, “Servant: The Acceptance”, I’m struck by several similarities to Foster’s more normal romance novels. But, before I start that, let me say that her ‘Servant’ series is dark, very dark. If you’re looking for sexy, frothy romance—go buy some of her work under Lori Foster. L.L. Foster, on the other hand, can write some seriously good and gritty urban fantasy and the ‘Servant’ series is addictive.


August 30, 2008

Review: Into the Flame by Christina Dodd

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Into the Flame by Christina Dodd

I knew as soon as I finished reading and reviewing “Into the Shadow” by Christina Dodd that I would have to read “Into the Flame,” her conclusion to the Darkness Chosen series.  If anything, this book was hotter, sexier, and more exciting than the last and a fulfilling end to the series.


August 20, 2008

Review: Into the Shadow by Christina Dodd

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Into the Shadow by Christina Dodd

What can I say about “Into the Shadow” about Christina Dodd?  Well, it left me absolutely breathless – in a very good way.  This paranormal romance about a shape shifter and his fiercely independent modern woman is a spectacular story.


August 11, 2008

Review: Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

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Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

I love paranormal romance novels, especially ones with vampires. But with so many great vampire romances out there, I wondered if it was possible to still write an original story. Well, “Accidentally Dead “by Dakota Cassidy is a fresh take on the vampire romance that results in a wonderfully fun read.


August 3, 2008

Review: First Blood by Susan Sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Chris Marie Green, and Meljean Brook

First Blood by Susan Sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Chris Marie Green, and Meljean Brook

I’ve said before that I’m a fan of anthologies, especially when the anthology has a stellar lineup of authors. “First Blood” includes stories from four paranormal authors whose series’ are pretty well established and have a large fan base. The book will be a big-seller for those reasons and that’s not a bad thing at all as I enjoyed each story in this anthology for different reasons!


August 2, 2008

Review: My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel

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My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel

The classic story of enemies falling in love gets a paranormal update in Carolyn Jewel’s “My Wicked Enemy.” Nikodemos is an immortal fiend who is determined to kill the mage Alvaro Magellan and his witch Carson Philips. Carson, for her part, is an orphan who has grown up in Magellan’s house but has no idea of her true heritage or power. One day, she accidentally catches a glimpse of Magellan’s evil and flees his house. In her first few hours of freedom she runs into Nikodemos, who is only too happy to bump into the unprotected witch.


Review: Warrior: The Time Hunters by Angela Knight

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The Time Hunters by Angela Knight

I had read some of Angela Knight’s previous works in anthologies, but have never read a full novel of hers so I was eager to read “Warrior: The Time Hunters.”  In the 23rd century, time-travel is not only possible, it’s so common that a special enforcement agency is needed to ensure order.  The enforcers have been genetically altered so that they are faster, stronger, and tougher than a typical human being.  Galar Arvid, a member of the agency, is sent back in time protect Jessica Kelly, an undiscovered artist whose unexplained murder propelled her to a posthumous infamy in the future.  I thought the story had real potential and enjoyed the romance between Galar and Jessica but end of the book left me feeling fairly confused.


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