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October 14, 2008

Review: Where There’s Fire by Maureen McKade

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Where There's Fire by Maureen McKade

Another tortured hero served up for our delectation! “Where There’s Fire” is my first contemporary romantic suspense by Maureen McKade. I didn’t realize that I had recently read one of her historical romance novels until I was typing this review and my fingers remembered the name. Then, of course, I had to check out why and bingo! Now, I find myself comparing her writing styles and realizing that there are many similarities. Not so strange, I guess, but still. A serial arsonist turned murderer, a twisted pimp, a drug-addicted ‘ho, and in the middle of it all one female cop and one mysterious man.



October 6, 2008

Review: Broken Pieces by Carla Cassidy

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Broken Pieces by Carla Cassidy

I have shivers running up and down my spine. I just finished “Broken Pieces” by Carla Cassidy and I really hope none of my stairs creak tonight or I’ll likely have a heart attack screaming my head off. If you like books that scare you and have you looking over your shoulder, this one will fit the bill.


August 2, 2008

Review: Ace is Wild by Penny McCall

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Ace is Wild by Penny McCall

Combining humor, suspense, and romance is a delicate balancing act most authors don’t even try.  I’m always on the lookout, though, for those authors who make that effort and I’m absolutely thrilled when I find one who does the job well.  I read “All Jacked Up” by Penny McCall and enjoyed it so I picked up her next book “Tag, You’re It.” It has been almost a year since then and now “Ace is Wild” is finally out and it’s just as good as the other two novels.


July 7, 2008

Review: Out of Time by Samantha Graves

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Out of Time by Samantha Graves

I haven’t seen the new Indiana Jones movie yet, but I have seen the TV ads, fast-food promotions, and seen various other promotional products in every aisle at Target.  So perhaps I’ve been subconsciously influenced by all the advertising, but Samantha Graves’ new book, Out of Time, strongly reminded me of an Indiana Jones storyline with a romantic twist.  Except, of course, with a hero that’s a little bit more of a bad boy than Indy’s academic background.


Review: Pitch Black by Susan Crandall

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Pitch Black by Susan Crandall

“Pitch Black” is a very well-written and intricate murder mystery with a sexy Sheriff thrown in for good measure. Susan Crandall has crafted an unsettling and frightening look at what might lurk behind appearances in a small Southern town in America.


June 24, 2008

Review: Scream for Me by Karen Rose

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Scream for Me by Karen Rose

When I started Scream for me by Karen Rose, I didn’t know I was in for a nerve-racking, nail-biting read from start to finish. The fast paced storyline and interesting dialog kept me on the edge of my seat. I read through this book quickly without being able to put it down for long intervals of time, so I neglected things like walking the dog and much needed sleep. But it was well worth it because I had to know how it ended!


June 18, 2008

Review: Blood Sport by Judith E. French

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Blood Sport by Judith E. French

Three words sum up Judith E. French’s new book, Blood Sport:  Suspense, intrigue, and action!  Reed Donovan is a hotshot FBI agent assigned to Jillian Maxwell’s case.  She is tracking a serial killer and thinks that a recent murder in Maryland is part of her case.  Reed thinks that Jillian’s theory is farfetched, but he has no choice but to assist with her investigation.  They sort through the clues and search for the killer against the backdrop of appealing East Coast beach towns.


June 17, 2008

Review: Tribute by Nora Roberts

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Tribute by Nora Roberts

WOW! Just…WOW! I just finished Nora Roberts‘ new book “Tribute” and my heart is still racing. I don’t know how La Nora does it, but she has written yet another sure-to-be-bestseller that is truly a romantic suspense novel. The story softly, quietly pulls you in as the hero and heroine become real to you and you begin to feel their excitement, uncertainty, happiness, anxiety, joy, fear, and finally their triumph. It’s a stunning emotional roller coaster of a ride that you won’t want to miss.


May 28, 2008

Review: Blind Instinct by Fiona Brand

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Blind Instinct by Fiona Brand

Sara Fischer liked her simple life as a librarian in Louisiana. But one day, while cleaning out her father’s attic, she finds a Nazi codebook from World War II. Fiona Brand’s Blind Instinct starts out with a bang and just doesn’t stop! This book combines suspense, history and a bit of the paranormal, all against a healthy backdrop of romance.


May 14, 2008

Review: Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart

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Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart

When I had the opportunity to read and review Anne Stuart’s latest novel Fire and Ice, I jumped at the chance! The one thing I know I can count on with any of Anne Stuart’s novels is a lot of action, suspense and the chemistry between the hero and heroine is always smoking hot! Fire and Ice is all that and a bag of chips! Turn down the air conditioner and get a large glass of iced tea, y’all, because you are in for a wild ride!


April 28, 2008

Review: First You Run by Roxanne St. Claire

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First You Run by Roxanne St. Claire I have one thing to say about “First You Run” by Roxanne St. Claire: Wow! I like books where there is a lot of action in the plot, and this book certainly delivers all that and so much more.

Miranda Lang is an anthropology professor promoting her recent book debunking an urban myth that Mayan culture predicted the end of the world in 2012. Adrien Fletcher is a Bullet Catcher, one of a private, elite security force. He thinks Miranda may have been part of a black-market adoption scheme as a baby. But can he identify a baby 30 years later? Well, the baby had a tattoo placed somewhere on her body – so Fletch will have to get up-close and personal with Miranda in order to determine if she’s the one he’s looking for.

While Fletch thinks his assignment will be relatively simple, it becomes complicated quickly when Miranda’s safety is compromised by a splinter group who disagree with the premise of her book. While Miranda insists on continuing her book tour despite the threats, Fletch insists on coming along as her personal bodyguard.


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