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October 9, 2008

Review: Snowy Night with a Stranger by Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries, and Julia London

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Snowy Night with a Stranger by Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries, and Julia London

Ah, the joys of Christmas! Spending meaningful time and making memories with the ones that mean the most to you. But not everyone gets this picture-perfect Christmas. In “Snowy Night with a Stranger,” all three historical stories are written about individuals who end up spending Christmas somewhere they never expected to be. But thanks to the magic of romance, our ‘strandees’ find their perfect love in unexpected places. I can only imagine what wonderful stories these characters would have to tell their grandkids!

“A Holiday Gamble” by Jane Feather is the story of a plucky heroine plagued with a greedy guardian. As the once-disgraced Lord Allenton returns home from India to take up his duties as the new Viscount, he gets caught in a winter snowstorm, is robbed by a young rapscallion, and must take shelter at the home of Lord Selby—a thoroughly despicable character. It’s during Selby’s Christmas revels that he meets Lady Georgiana, Selby’s ward. He quickly realizes two things. First, Lady Georgiana is much more than just the beauty he can see. And second, she’s going to need his help to extract herself from a very ugly situation. This was the longest and most robust story at 135 pages. Includes a bit of action and good, steamy sexual tension!

“When Sparks Fly” is a delightful tale by Sabrina Jeffries about a young heiress who’s given up on love, and her grouchy and unwilling host, ‘The Black Baron’. A coach accident sends ‘Ellie’ and her aunt and three children to the home of Baron Thorncliff. While her aunt recuperates, Ellie tries to keep the children entertained and out of her grouchy host’s hair. Baron Martin Thorncliff is a misunderstood scientist who still suffers guilt from the accidental death of his charismatic older brother. Their story is a sweeter tale about the value of looking beyond rumor and overcoming grief with the help of love.

“Snowy Night with a Highlander” by Julia London tells of a scarred and reformed highland rogue and the girl he never took the time to know. After 8 years, Fiona is back in the highlands. She’s on a mission to find her brother before the Prince Regent’s men. Of course, her brother is gallivanting about the highlands and Fiona ends up seeking assistance from the one person she never wanted to see again, her girlish crush—Laird Buchanan. Duncan Buchanan is now a changed man. He’s physically scarred from the fire that took the life of his friend and hides himself from society. When he and Fiona end up in a storm, she doesn’t recognize him behind his scarves and he’s in no hurry to enlighten her. Their enforced intimacy grows into deeper feelings…until he’s ‘outed’ before confessing. I found this the most moving story of the lot. Both characters were required to look ‘below the surface’ and beyond station and appearances.

While none of the stories were exceptional, each was entertaining in its own way. “Snowy Night with a Stranger” should appeal to fans of Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries, and Julia London as I believe each has a tie to one of their previous or forthcoming books. It’s a pleasant way to while away two hours and appreciate being warm and secure.

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Reviewed by Julie


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