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April 4, 2008

Author Spotlight: Kate Angell (April 2008)

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Kate Angell is the author of the popular baseball-centric romance series Boys of Summer (Squeeze Play, Curveball). With the third novel (Strike Zone) in stores this month and a fourth (Sliding Home) already in the works, she delights readers with her stories centered around the fictional Major League Baseball team, The Richmond Rogues, and the players who steal not only the bases, but the hearts of the women they love and the readers who enjoy their stories. Queue My Review posed five questions to Kate and she was gracious enough to answer each one. If you want more information about Kate or her books, stop by her web home at http://www.kateangell.com/.


Q&A with author Kate Angell:


Q: I began writing romance novels because…

A:   There’s nothing more powerful in the world than love.   In a romance novel,  readers can escape into someone else’s life, forget their own, and enjoy the steam and tension between an Alpha hero and sexy heroine. Characters who will eventually resolve their conflict and fulfill their happily ever-after. Everyone wants a strong and fulfilling relationship. When you close a romance novel, you smile and sigh.


Q: When I have time off from writing, I’m most likely…

A: Taking a long walk or sitting in a sun lounger in my backyard watching my dogs play. I have an animal house – eleven dogs, four cats, and one tree frog. Even in my downtime, there’s a whole lot of barking and tail wagging going on.


Q: My favorite romantic movie is…because….

A: I’m a big Daniel Day-Lewis fan. I loved him in Last of the Mohicans as well as in the Age of Innocence. These are big blockbuster films with a lot of passion and depth. Such movies open your heart, draw a response, and make you feel


Q: The ideal writing conditions for me are when…

A: I love mornings.  I’m often writing before the sun comes up. A cup of coffee and my creativity kicks in.  I’ll write for ninety minutes, then take a break. I set an alarm clock – which forces me to stop and get up and move around. The second I rise, my dogs think it’s time to go outside. So that takes another thirty minutes away from the computer. I’ll settle back in, and try to knock out five solid pages, hopefully by noon. I edit my material later in the day.


Q: Besides the Rogues, my favorite MLB team is…

A: I’m a die-hard Cubs fan.  Maybe 2008 will be their year. I’m always hopeful!


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