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October 9, 2008

Review: It Happened One Night by Stephanie Laurens, Jacquie D’Alessandro, Mary Balogh, and Candice Hern

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It Happened One Night by Stephanie Laurens, Jacquie D’Alessandro, Mary Balogh, and Candice Hern

I defy any historical romance reader to pass up an anthology with a writer lineup of Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D’Alessandro, and Candice Hern. I certainly couldn’t…and didn’t. When I asked Quentin to let me review this one, I figured I’d have to fight, bribe, or play dirty to get it. But apparently, my stars are in proper alignment or something because when I opened my latest box, there it was.

In this anthology, each writer was given the same plot to use—“A man and a woman, who have neither seen nor heard from each other in ten years, meet again when they find themselves staying at the same inn for a twenty-four hour period.” In addition, each author was given one season of the year and they didn’t talk to each other until their stories were done. In a letter to the readers, the instigator of this anthology, Mary Balogh, asks the readers if this is just the same story told four times or four different stories… Since you already know the plot, I’ll just give a quick view of how I liked each author’s story!

Stephanie Laurens provided “The Fall of Rogue Gerrard” which has the feel of her earlier novels. The hero’s wicked reputation and the heroine’s independence and headstrong nature are very reminiscent of her first few Cynster novels and I LOVED it. The delicious sexual tension, the strong sexy hero unable to resist his desire, the heroine determined to ‘save’ the hero…just a darn good story.

“Spellbound” by Mary Balogh had a very different feel. Our hero and heroine have the ultimate in misunderstandings and even though her explanation made sense, it was still a bit harder for me to swallow.

I fell in love with “Only You” by Jacquie D’Alessandro. This story was, for me, the most moving of all. Suffering and sacrifice resulting in the understanding that riches and social standing can’t replace the real rewards of true love.

And finally, Candice Hern’s “From This Moment On” wraps up the anthology with a tale of love postponed by circumstance and rekindled later in life. It’s not often you get to read a historical romance with ‘mature’ characters!

All in all, this novel was quite a pleasurable read. Laurens and D’Alessandro were my top two and Balogh and Herns came in right behind them. Each of the contributors took the plot in totally different directions that until I started this review, I’d forgotten they were all using the same outline! Just goes to show that these four talented historical authors can certainly provide a blissful break from reality. “It Happened One Night” is a must for any fan of Stephanie Laurens, Jacquie D’Alessandro, Mary Balogh, and Candice Herns.

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Reviewed by Julie


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